Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Night At Palm City Villa, Kuantan

5 years ago, if you asked me to stay at a budget hotel, I would've hesitated; preferring well-established name hotels instead.

But with the mushrooming of plenty of budget yet modern hotels, staying in one has stop becoming an issue.

Especially when the focus is of the place we visited and not so much spending time in our hotel room.

We tried the Golden Roof Hotel when we visited Taiping for King of Bukit Larut in April and really love the modernity of the place. 

For only RM98 per night and right in front of some good eateries and right smack in the middle of town, it was a great choice for us.

I was looking for a hotel to stay in during the Merdeka weekend when we went to Kuantan for my Brother's wedding. I had at first chose and booked with two hotels, Cathayana and Rocana Hotel which had rates of around RM150.00 per night.
But then, my Brother noticed this hotel and booked a few rooms for the family as we cannot book them online. But anyone who wants to book or check out their rate can call/Whatsapp them or check their FB page. 
Location wise : a win. Just a short walk away from East Coast Mall, as seen here. And very near to Kuantan UTC and Stadium Darul Makmur too.
Safety features of the hotel for their guests. Me likey.

It's pretty much semi-D houses converted into hotel rooms and the entrance was unmanned so this feature is very much needed.

Checking-in and checking out is actually done at the hotel located in front of Palm City Villa which I totally forgot the name. Crap. Hahaha

Amenities located at the ground floor. A water station and a shared iron and ironing board.
Our room was on the first floor.
A sofa in the common living area on the first floor.
And our room. Simple but spacious. Plenty of empty spaces as there was no wardrobe in the room but there is a small rack for hanging clothes.

You might want to bring extra clothes hangers. 
Basic needs are there : TV, kettle, drinking water, air-conditioning and most important : free wi-fi!!! And with a decent speed.

But as usual, no hairdryer. Good thing I brought mine along.
Bathroom with rainwater shower.

All in all, quite decent for RM80. Very roomy. Can actually fit a big family in our room if we bring in some comforters (or toto. Hahaha)

Our room smelled a bit musty when we first entered but that may be because it was aired daily but it was clean.

For the rate that's being offered, I wouldn't mind returning here again.

Maybe for Kuantan Half Marathon next year? ^^


  1. I agreed with you, Lina. Back then we opt for well known hotels but now with all those boutique hotels and budget hotels that offer cheaper rate yet with basic amenities, we have so many choices.

    1. Indeed.

      And the standard are now so much better than in previous years, right?

  2. i won't hesitate to stay in a budget hotel at all.. and i guess nowadays budget hotels are even more popular than 5-star established hotels among tourists.. and i agree with you that we just spend little time in the hotel, so rather spend more on other activities huh?? having that said, the modern budget hotels are now very well facilitated and operated, i especially love the simple and contemporary designs.. i actually prefer sleek LED lights than expensive chandeliers, hahaha!! :p

    1. They are a good bargain.

      Their modern design is a draw too, right?

  3. I am also like you, prefer to stay in established hotels but my wife prefers to save up and go for budget hotels, especially when we travel in groups, Been staying in a few budget hotels before and I can say that its worth for money. After all, we just needed a place to rest and shower, not a staycation.

    1. Yup. If just for a stay because we're visiting places, I'm with you and your wife. Definitely a budget hotel is a good choice.

      But if want to just relax and enjoy a quiet time, then 5-star hotel is of course better. :)

  4. Nowadays there are many budget hotels coming up. Near my office already have about 4 or 5 already. The place you stayed at is good value for money.

  5. I would not mind to stay in a budget hotel, if they are clean, as most of the time, when go holiday, won't be in the hotel room and will be out exploring the country visited...

    1. Plenty to choose now, in big cities. :)

  6. Many budget hotels today are well equipped and modern. Nice one you had there.

    1. Yup.

      Ours is basic but for RM80, no complains here. :)

  7. Spacious and clean but I still can't bring myself to stay in one. I just don't feel comfortable having to share ammenities such as ironing board or a common living area. I'm a very private person hence I won't mind paying a little extra for a better hotel. That's why you don't see me travelling a lot. LoL.

    1. We never lepak a common area but it's the same concept as a hotel lobby la right?

      I usually bring my own iron and hairdryer so that solves the sharing/renting part. Hehehe



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