Sunday, 22 April 2018

Nat Geo Earth Day Run Malaysia 2018

Among the many road races going on the weekend of Apr 21 & 22, one of them was the National Geographic Earth Day Run (Nat Geo Earth Day Run). While it is an annual race held since 2007 in Taiwan and in 2010 in Philippines; Apr 22nd, 2018 was its inaugural event in Malaysia.

Both runs have been growing in scale with Philippines hitting their record of 20,000 participants in 2015 and in Taiwan, participation rates increased by 2,000 for the runs in Kaohsiung and New Taipei in the same year. For Malaysia, the race participation was capped at only 2,500 runners if I am not mistaken.

In conjunction with Earth Day and its theme of no plastic waste, National Geographic (Nat Geo) had organized the Nat Geo Earth Day Run to help raise awareness in on plastic pollution’s harm and educate the public on what we as individuals can do to help.

The Malaysian Nat Geo Earth Day Run held in Gamuda Walk, Kota Kemuning serves to protect our planet through renewable energy consumption, reducing plastics, and continued education on how to lower our carbon footprint.

There was also a mini eco-awareness fair on event day to culminate the event, with Nat Geo partners sharing tips and tricks for better waste management, including reusing and recycling plastics.
With that in mind, registered runners were provided with a reusable bottle during REPC to use during the race. Nat Geo Earth Day Run is a zero waste event and no water bottles or paper cups were provided at the run.
And we top up our water at this water station.
No mineral water bottles were discarded.
My younger siblings joined the 5K category this time and of course I was happy that they took part and had fun! There is a 15K category and quite a number of my running friends joined the 15K category, even the ultra kakis!
This is a really nice backdrop lah!
My youngest sister with her reusable bottle in hand.

She skipped her regular hiking trips to some mountains or other around Malaysia and joined this event.
The nice finisher medal for all finishers.
Obligatory pose with finisher medal. ^^
Plus a bottle of herbs. Cool!
Because it was such a warm morning, ice cream provided by the organizer was a welcome treat.

And oh yeah, we got Nivea deodorant too! Hahaha

Thank you Nat Geo for a well organized run and awareness program!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Butter Fruit & Ambra In Putrajaya

Putrajaya not only has a LOT of public parks, the federal administrative centre of Malaysia is also planted with a number of "pokok nadir" or hard to find local trees of Malaysia.
If you remember, we've posted quite a few of those we found in this blog before and even the Buah Mentega (or Butter Fruit or also called Velvet Fruit) which we found today. 
A number of the Butter Fruit trees were fruiting and laden with fruits and some had fallen to the ground. We picked up those that were in good condition to bring home to enjoy.

From a first glance, this fruit could be mistaken as a peach because of its colour and furry outer layer. Be careful of those velvety skin, it can cause itchiness. Gatal macam miang buluh!

The ones we picked up must have been fallen a day ago because it already emitted a nice, buttery smell. We'll wait until it is softer before we consume it lah, I think.

Butter fruit are rated short on the glycemic index which means they supply a steady stream of sugar to the blood rather than a sudden point. It is also a good source of potassium, fiber and vitamins A and C.

Where can you find these plants? One place would be in Presint Diplomatik, Putarajaya. Go find it lah. It's just by the roadside near Taman Canseri.
Although we haven't eaten our butter fruit that we collected yet, we've already "makan" these buah kedondong or ambra we found! They were sweet and crunchy!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Lunch At Hokkaido Ichiba

We had a big group going for lunch and we decided to go to Hokkaido Ichiba.

It was a nice lunch as the staff who attended to us, Kumar and another lady were efficient and attentive to serve us.

Our order were served fast and in no time, everyone (all 32 pax of us) enjoyed our meal.
For me, I shared this big plate of kaori-hako kani to tobikko salad with a few others. It was GOOD! It's miso dressing has a nice tang to it and not rich at all compared to goma dressing. 
I ordered the sushi to mini udon set and was happy with it.

Lunch was done after a scoop of ice cream and everyone went back happy and with a full tummy.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Cat Family Story Continues

Mommy cat, Tompok finally had her kittens out one rainy night on Monday and took shelter under a neighbour's car which was parked right opposite ours.

If you remember, we had rescued two of her kittens late last month but we let Mommy Tompok took them away to care for them herself.
This time, we took her kittens and let Tompok followed us to our house. Tompok was curious and tried to check our place out which was fine by us, if she would want to stay here and ensure her kittens are safe.
 And it turned out, she had three kittens, not just two!
But after a while, Tompok kept wanting to take out her kittens away. She tried a few times but we managed to coax Tompok to stay for the night.

But when we came home after work tonight, we found Tompok waiting for us at the carpark. Alone.

At home, we found only two kittens and one was missing. 

After a few hours of searching, we found the kitten in a drain near our apartment's main gate and Son had to go in and took the kitten out.

We didn't want to restrict Tompok movement at first, and she had access to go in and out from our yard but after what happened, we wanted to ensure the kittens stay safe and dry in our house.

A neighbour who also feeds stray gave us a cat harness to strap Tompok. We agree that it is better than keeping them all in a cage.

She can still run around our yard (we had cleared it) and it is quite spacious for Tompok and her kittens to play around but for the time being, she can't go out from our home.

It is a temporary measure until Tompok and her kittens get comfy and feels okay to stay at our home.

Our kind neighbour also said she'll look for some toys for them to play.

Tompok has always been very "manja" with us but I guess she feels strange about letting her kittens stay at our home. Can't blame a mom for feeling weird with a change of surrounding, right? 

Saturday, 14 April 2018

A Night Stay At Hotel Geo For SCKLM 2018

We decided to stay a night in KL city on the SCKLM 2018 instead of traveling back and forth from our home on Saturday and Sunday.

If you read my previous post in this blog, we were at SCKLM 2018's Kids Dash on Saturday and then ran in SCKLM 2018 on Sunday morning.
Enjoyed an ayam penyet lunch before our check-in at 3pm.

We decided not to drive to the hotel direct but parked our car at my FIL's house in Jalan Bangsar and took the LRT to Pasar Seni station.

It's quite convenient as the hotel is mere steps away from Pasar Seni station and less than 1km away from Dataran Merdeka where the start and finish line of SCKLM 2018 was located.

We arrived at around 3.20pm and there was a queue of mainly runners at the front desk for check-in. We were offered a king sized bed room because the twin room we requested for wasn't ready yet. Quite a few of us (those in front of us) were told the same thing and some of us decided to wait. 
After a 50 minutes wait, our room was finally ready.

Quite decent room for a rate of USD27 via, booked at the very last minute.

We paid in USD utilising some USD I have in my Amazon account lah... Not because of anything special.

The room is quite roomy and bright which is what we like. Hubby hates a room without windows and this is quite a good room for us.
Some of the amenities.

No mini bar to keep any drinks cold though.
The bathroom was big too and I love the shower here. Water pressure was good and no issues with hot water.

Syiok mandi. Like 5-star shower feel one.

Can consider this hotel again for SCKLM 2019 especially because staff were friendly and attentive.

The guard on duty at the lobby never fail to help open the door for us with a smile.

The housekeeping staff I bumped in the lift chatted with me.

So yeah, a good experience.
Plus, our room came with this view.

Nice, right?

The room is not totally sound-proof but we have no issues with it. It wasn't that noisy and I slept well until I had to wake up at 4am to get ready for my run which was flagged-off at 5.30am.

There's a 24-hour Texas Chicken outlet right beside the hotel lobby so it was convenient to have dinner, supper or even a super early breakfast!

After my run, we decided not to spend time at the VIP/Media tent and enjoy some breakfast there as we spent a few hours taking photos of fellow runners instead.

So by noon, I was really rather hungry.

But we decided to check-out first and had our lunch at Old Town White Coffee near Bank Rakyat Bangsar LRT.
Curry mee for both boys.
And something non-spicy for me, to soothe my tummy. Pan mee soup.

Quite nice lah.

I didn't achieve a good timing for my half-marathon this time, and I was more than 20 minutes slower than my half marathon time at SCKLM 2016 so we didn't go anywhere special for dinner. No reward lah. Hihihi

But SCKLM 2018 was fun despite my lack of training and I am also grateful with the contribution that friends made through me, to National Cancer Society Malaysia when I ran in SCKLM 2018.


For photos of SCKLM Kids Dash and the main day on Sunday, do visit, LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook page Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura.


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